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The Hormann V 6030 SEL flexible high-speed door has been specifically designed for highly-frequented transport routes. External doors are driven into more frequently than internal doors and so this door is equipped with spring steel wind locks that provide necessary curtain stability for a speed of up to 3.0 m/sec.

Innovative SoftEdge door technology prevents damages and resulting downtimes of the door system. If there is a crash and the bottom profile is pushed out of the side guides, the radio crash switch transmits a signal to the control and the door is stopped immediately. Thanks to this technology, this door can be operated for up to 3 years without the need for maintenance, regardless of the number of door cycles.

A safety light grille is also fitted as standard. Integrated into the frame, it monitors the closing zone of the door up to a height of 2500 mm and immediately stops the door if the light beam is interrupted to avoid injury or damage to property.

All Hormann speed doors are fitted with high performance frequency converter controls (FU), which relieve the complete door mechanism and, in turn, considerably extend the service life of the door.

V 6030 SEL

> Use: Internal and external

> Available in 5 RAL colours

> Fabric thickness: 1.5 mm

> Vision panel thickness: 2.0 mm

> Safety light grille included

> SoftEdge and anti-crash

> Wind load class: 2

> Spring steel wind locks

> Max door size: W 5000 mm x H 6000 mm

> Max opening speed: 3.0 m/sec

> Max closing speed: 0.8 m/sec

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