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The Angel Mir Instant-Pass is a fold up high speed door which has been specially designed for entrances which are exposed or subject to significant changes in air current or wind. It is able to stay on its guides during such conditions, without being subject to wear and tear or deformation, so can remain unaltered for many years.

The curtain has a series of cross supports in tubes of composite material made of fibreglass and polyester, which provide extraordinary resistance to breaking (even with violent impacts from moving vehicles) and can withstand significant air pressures without causing permanent deformations. There are also rubber caps at each end which avoid tearing caused by rubbing and reduce noise. In addition, the lower baseboard consists of a canvas bag which provides a perfect fit even with irregular floors. 


> Use: External

> Available in various colours

> Optional vision panels

> Optional stainless steel version (all the metallic structure is manufactured in stainless steel)

> Optional shock absorption system

> Max door size: 16000 mm x 16000 mm

> Max opening speed: 1 m/sec

> Max closing speed: 1 m/sec

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