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Why Choose Us

...because we want you to be really happy with the products and service we provide!


We might not promise to be the cheapest BUT more importantly, we do not employ cheap sales gimmicks such as a special deal if you sign on the dotted line today and we will not insist that you have a banner outside your home or premises to qualify for a discount...

We will provide you with a good, genuine and honest service that gives you complete peace of mind that you are dealing with professional people that really value your custom.


Here are just a few of the simple things that we offer to give you peace of mind:

1. Established for over 34 years.

2. We operate from easily accessible registered commercial premises so you know where we are.

3. We have a local phone number and there will always be someone available to answer during office hours.

4. We do not employ sales people. The person employed to advise you is an engineer with full experience of fitting and full technical knowledge of the product range.

5. We give you honest advice even if it's not always what you want to hear. It is more important to us to give you the right advice than making a sale with the wrong product.

6. We will not sell you just any make or brand of garage, commercial or industrial door. We limit our range to offer you the best products and backup service available. We are official distributors for the products we sell including Hormann and SeceuroGlide.

7. We have several teams of engineers available enabling us to respond more quickly to your issues.

8. All of our installation teams are uniformed and manufacturer trained - we do not use sub-contractors.

9. For domestic garage doors, we post our final invoice after the work is done and after we have left site. This gives you a chance to look at the work that we have completed without any pressure and you can raise any queries knowing we will attend.

10. We value your commitment to buy from us so we will strive to do a good job and hope you will tell your friends and colleagues about us...

"Asfordby Doors is a company you can work with and trust"

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Registered Office: 112 The Burrows, East Goscote, Leicestershire, LE7 3XD